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You’ve probably heard of the importance of having a strong core, but what exactly is it? The core includes all the muscles in your abdomen and lower back. By working these muscles and strengthening your trunk, you’ll have better posture and balance, more endurance, and most importantly, a lower injury risk (especially if you’re a fan of high impact, full-body activities like running).

There are several types of core strengthening machines, but ab rollers are great for a full-body and full-range-of-motion workout. If you’re looking for the low-down on ab rollers, such as their benefits and which ones are best, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re on a budget or are an experienced fitness fanatic looking for an upgrade, we’ll give you all the info you should consider before making a purchase.

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What to Consider When Shopping for Ab Rollers
Ab rollers are a relatively simple device, but there are some features that might make your experience better. If you’re thinking about adding an ab roller to your home gym, decide on your goals and budget. Will this be your only core strengthening machine? Or do you also own devices like the ab rocker, medicine balls, etc.? When thinking about your budget, keep in mind that a few extra dollars might get you some essential perks (e.g., a mat for your knees). Finally, think about the current state of your core. Are you a beginner when it comes to exercise? Do you have a history of back issues? These special circumstances might dictate which device is best for your workout.

Best Overall Ab Roller – Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel
The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel contains a carbon steel spring that adds resistance on the roll out and assists the user in rolling back to the start. This bit of assistance relieves some pressure on the lower back and makes it easier for beginners to master the motion. The ergonomic handles on this model are unique and many users find them more comfortable than steel-core handles.

This device moves back and forth, but it’s also stable enough to easily angle a bit to the side, allowing users to really focus on their obliques along with their abdominals, back, chest, and upper body. Some heavier and taller users might find the close-set handles and 300-pound weight limit to be insufficient, but for most individuals, the Ab Carver Pro is a versatile and comfortable option. It also comes with a knee mat and a free downloadable 21-day exercise program.

Coming in at 3.7 inches, this wheel is twice as wide as some comparable ab wheels. And since Bssay Ab Roller can move in a wider arc for extra stability and balance, it’s ideal for beginners. The core is made of strong stainless steel and the handlebar pads are made of comfy anti-slip rubber. This combination makes for an extremely durable, yet still lightweight product. The cushioned rubber handles are removable making the wheel easy to store or transport when not in use.

The device comes with an included knee mat, which is crucial if you’ll be doing modified exercises on your knees. The wheel is softer than similar models meaning it will quietly glide over a variety of surfaces and won’t cause damage to the floor. If you’re a beginner looking to tone not only your abdominals, but also strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back, the Bssay Ab Roller might be just the ticket.

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