The reason behind cancer patients cutting off their hair

Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body. Unfortunately, these treatments also target your body’s other fast-growing cells, including your hair roots.

Chemotherapy can result in hair loss all over the body, not just on the scalp. Eyelash, pubic, eyebrow, armpit, and other body hair can fall out at any time.

Some chemotherapy medications induce hair loss more than others, and different doses might result in anything from thinning to full baldness.

Hair loss normally starts between two to four weeks after you begin treatment. It could either fall out quickly or gradually. Loose hair will most likely show on your pillow, in your brushes or comb, and your sink or shower drain.

During your treatment and for a few weeks later, you will experience hair loss. Your treatment will determine whether your hair thins or you get entirely bald.

Although, hair loss is an unpleasant side effect of cancer therapy, according to cancer patients it is necessary to battle the illness. Every time you look in the mirror, your transformed appearance serves as a reminder of your disease and everything you’ve gone through since your diagnosis.

However, it may take several weeks for your hair to repair and grow again after therapy. When your hair begins to regrow, it will most likely look different from the hair you lost.

Your new hair may have a different texture or color than your old hair. It could be curlier than before, or it could be grey until the cells that control the pigment in your hair begins working again.

Source: News365

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