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Joe Biden rushed to hospital after suffering a leg injury

Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden might be limping his way into the White House — the guy twisted his ankle this weekend playing with his dog and is getting checked out just in case.

Biden was injured Saturday while playing with his German Shepherd, Major. He slipped and twisted his ankle in the process. Out of an abundance of caution, his team says he’ll be examined by an orthopedist Sunday afternoon.

Reporters weren’t allowed to view Biden going in or out of the doctor’s office, per his team’s request.

Joe Biden

First of all, ouch. Second, the news is both awesome and somewhat scary. It’s great that Biden is active and able-bodied enough to play with his dog, and apparently feisty to the point that he could actually hurt himself even slightly.

It’ll be cool having a Prez that gets out and there and ruffs it every now and then — unlike Trump, whose only physical activity is golf which is pretty static.

On the other hand, Biden is an older guy he’s 78. A sprained ankle isn’t gonna make or break anything (we hope), but maybe take it easy out there, JB. We’re gonna need ya intact for at least 4 years … so tell Major (and Champ) to cool it. Get well soon.

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