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TV presenter Thembisa Mdoda reveals her secret newborn baby

Thembisa Nxumalo

Television presenter Thembisa Nxumalo, has made a shocking announcement by revealing that she gave birth a few months ago.

The announcement was made on Instagram, where she revealed her post-partum body. The actress kept her pregnancy under wraps and her post left many fans shooketh to the core whilst congratulating her.

Thembisa’s post-partum body looks way better than you would imagine and she said she is getting into the rhythm of working out regularly, yaass yummy mommy go get ’em.

A few months postpartum. Trying to get back into the rhythm of working out regularly❤️. Face still has scarring from acne, and the worst reaction to bad make-up. 38 and living,” she wrote.

Thembisa Nxumalo

Thembisa did not reveal further details surrounding her newborn baby. The Unmarried actress recently revealed her man and spoke about how they met.

“I think we met at the exact right time, you know when everything was just coming together. That is very scary because I was like: ‘I’m focusing on my career and my kids’ and then it just happened. You know when it just hits you and you are like: ‘oh cr*p’. But he’s an incredible and amazing human being and he boyfriends really well,” she said

The actress who also kept her current marriage private was previously linked to Atandwa Kani. The pair split after Atandwa made a shocking discovery that Thembisa’s twin boys were not his after raising them together.

Atandwa said they met in 2004 and their relationship was on and off at the time. He said they moved on with life and found new partners. In 2011 they met again and they were in a relationship and soon Thembisa told him he was pregnant.

“My immediate response was to request a paternity test once the children were born, because she was intimately involved with another man at that particular time. This request was met with hostility.”

“I decided, assuming I was the father, to do the appropriate, befitting and right thing, which was to be a supportive and active partner throughout her pregnancy. I would introduce the ‘paternity’ topic every now and then, but would be met with a continuously growing unwillingness and animosity, even to the point of being threatened I would never see the children if I decided to press on with the issue.”

After years having given birth Thembisa later agreed to do the paternity test and following speculations that she was unfaithful. Atandwa found out the kids were not his and they separated.

Congratulations Thembisa.

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