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Watch – Mlindo returns on stage with clutches after viral drunk video

Mlindo The Vocalist 

Mlindo The Vocalist has played the game of proving that two stories can be factual at the same time. The “Amablesser” musician was caught in the social media storm this past week as the video of himself visibly drowsy was circulated on social media, with speculations running wild on what happened to the star.

His first apology came with a very shay story about a knee, fatigue, and the need for a bodyguard to carry him off stage. Because we would not do justice to tell that story for him, Mlindo was documented as having said that:

I have a problem with my knees and yesterday [Monday, 30 November 2020] the venue was packed and the stage was wet. I was performing the last song of the evening and someone pulled me into the crowd and I couldn’t get up which is why a bodyguard had to come and pick me up.”

The cause for the weak knee was not touched on. However, the musician did go through two car accidents last year, with the recent one having resulting in his arm being put in a cast. It was not his knee that was cited as the problem area at the time, but maybe- well, who knows that source of the weak knee.

But then the real tea was exposed, or conceptualized, depending on who you ask. There was first the circulation of a video of Mlindo accepting a drink from a stranger in the audience.

Thereafter, tweeps put two-and-two together and decided that Mlindo’s drink was spiked, hence his viral exit off the stage on the back of his bodyguard. Once that story circulated many were willing to ride the wave of the belief that Mlindo the Vocalist’s drink was spiked.

But the musician has made his return to the stage just days after the incident. But this around Mlindo was hired to perform in KwaZulu-Natal where he is originally from. Seeing as he has made frenemies in Pretoria, it is better that he performs closer to home to ensure that the incident does not happen again. But the problem with the appreciation post for the support he received was that he had crutches in the video.

Now, that is the confusing part, which is which now. Did Mlindo get spiked than fall and injure his knee. Or was his knee always a problem, and following him being spiked his knee acted up again. The point is to find out what is the sequence of events and when did the knee get involved?

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