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7 signs that proves your partner is hiding something

7 signs

Everyone has secrets that they keep to themselves, but every relationship should be based on trust. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to draw the line.

Good communication is key, but if your partner wants to conceal something, you need to know when to get them to tell the truth. Being aware of the signs that they may be keeping secrets from you can really help in this case.

Listed below are the possible signs that your significant other may be trying to hide something from you:

1. Their voice changes

If you detect a change in the pitch of your partner’s voice when they’re talking to you, they might be lying to you. They might even clear their throat more often than usual or breathe heavily. These are the natural reactions of their body when they get nervous about something.

2. They avoid eye contact

Eyes can reveal a lot of emotions, so if your partner keeps avoiding your gaze, it could be because they don’t want you to see through them. You might find fear in their eyes and that’s why they try not to make eye contact with you.

3. When answering your questions, their answers are vague and their eyes get shifty

When answering a question, a person’s eyes will shift toward the side they are accessing information from. Eyes that move to the right are searching for memories, whereas eyes that move to the left are creating lies. If your partner’s answers are vague or unusually detailed, this may be a sign that they are trying to cover something up. Another telltale sign is when they answer your question with a question, because they’re trying to get extra time to make up lies.

4. They are fidgety when you’re alone

Having secrets might make your partner feel restless, especially when you 2 are alone together. They might feel the stress and this could make it hard for them to stay still when there is nothing else to distract you from them.

5. They make others feel self-conscious

This happens when your partner wants to get the attention off of themselves, because they’re feeling guilty about something. They try to shift the attention on something you or your friends and family do wrong so that someone else will feel self-conscious about themselves instead.

6. Their body language shows that they are nervous around you

During a conversation, if your partner turns their body away from you, this might be a sign that they have some secrets and don’t want them to be found out. It is their subconscious way of shutting you out. Similarly, the act of biting fingernails is a sign of insecurity or anxiety and might be happening because they have something to hide. Another way to tell whether your partner is lying to you is by looking at what they do with their hands. If your partner doesn’t normally put their hands in their pockets but suddenly starts doing this, it could be that they are trying to comfort themselves because they know they’re doing something wrong.

7. They have their poker face on

Since facial expressions can tell you a lot about how someone is feeling, if your partner has something to hide, they might try to maintain a straight face. If they don’t show expressions, you will not be able to read them as easily.

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