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Actor Vuyo Dabula (Gadaffi) speaks on leaving Generations: The Legacy

Vuyo Dabula

Rumour has it that actor Vuyo Dabula (44) is leaving Generations: The Legacy.

He’s not going anywhere, Gadaffi as he is known on the soapie, tells us firmly. He says the reports about his ‘departure’ left him gobsmacked.

I am staying. There are a whole lot of stories around this. It is a bit bizarre, the idea that i am leaving Generations ha been preceded by other news that has been circulating that i am leaving SA.”he says.


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There have been several versions of stories about his alleged departure.

If he’s not joining the telenovela The Queen, he’s going to Uzalo. Some say he was forced to choose between the soapie and Queen Sono, And some even suggested he’s going international.

” The fantastic one, the grand one, was that i was going to work with 50 cents on Black Mafia family.It is certainly exciting to read.” the actor said

Vuyo is par of the cast of Queen Sono season 1 which gave him an opportunity to tap into the spy genre. While there was excitement and mention of Season 2, it as unfortunately canned.

” We were going to do Queen Sono next year but unfortunately that has been canceled,” he adds.

He stars in a South African action movie Shaft 6, that was released in November.


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Filming Queen Sono wouldn’t have been easy during a pandemic, he says.

” It would have been a struggle with the times we are living in, it would have been a bit of a nightmare, Vuyo explains.

As disappointing as it is, Vuyo says one has to kind of keep a cool head and work around the pandemic.

“For most people, the fact that you are able to provide for your family is good enough,” he adds.

He is currently finishing off shooting on Generations just before the production goes on a holiday break.

His character i still a firm favorite with the ladies, after more than five years playing Gadaffi, the charming criminal who lives his own rules.


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“Just from the audition, I remember saying to myself on the first day, on set and I wwas next to Ronnie Nyakale, (Papa Action in Yizo Yizo) “What am i getting myself into?” he laughs.

Although the pandemic has d established some of his plans, remains hopeful about the future.

“Hopefully, Vuyo Daula will have his hands on the pie with his rapidly growing industry as we attract International attention.

There is so much potential growth.”

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