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Julius Malema urges EFF to capitalize on death of ANC

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the African National Congress (ANC) will never be able to resolve its crises.

Addressing the Mopani Regional People’s Assembly in Limpopo on Sunday, the EFF leader said the ANC’s failure to register all its candidates to contest the upcoming local government elections was a sign the party was reaching its end.

According to SAfm, at least seven municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal are among the 30 that missed the IEC registration deadline of candidates. Most affected municipalities within the province are in the Zululand District, which contains five local municipalities, it said.

While the ruling party is putting up a fight in court to have all its candidates registered, Malema says winning the case will not solve the party’s problems.

“They will never correct it to proper perfection, never! They are in a permanent state of crisis; it will not be resolved. It will not be resolved by any reopening of any list, because when you open it, you find that there is a candidate who has already registered. When they take out that one and replace them with another candidate, the initial candidate will question their removal. It will never be resolved,” he said.

That’s how the IFP died, that’s how the NFP died, that’s how the ANC is going to die. It’s the end of it.”

Malema urged fighters to take advantage of the crisis within the ruling party and position themselves as an alternative.

“If you see the ANC dying and not build an alternative … we must exist everywhere where the ANC exists; in Phalaborwa and all the wards, so that when the ANC falls, they must see a beret standing. Wherever the ANC falls, the EFF must be found. You must be able to sniff an ANC downfall, so that you can mark them. Be on their heels, we’re not going anywhere.

Source: News365

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