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Italian man gets Covid-19 vaccination QR code tattooed on his arm

Covid-19 vaccination

An Italian student has had his Covid-19 vaccine QR (Quick Response) code tattooed on his arm, according to reports.

A QR code, once scanned, provides information and operates much like barcodes and can be used to log and transfer important personal data from one data system to another.

As Covid-19 ‘vaccine passes’ become more prominent across the world to access public spaces, it seems that the world is heading in the direction that requires proof of being vaccinated against Covid-19, and this young man decided to permanently prove that he in fact is vaccinated.

Andrea Colonnetta, 22 became an overnight internet sensation after he posted his new ink on the social media network, Instagram, recently.

The idea was born by talking to my tattooist, Gabriele Pellerone, on what I wanted to represent the bad time that we all went through during this pandemic a little I think,” Colonnetta told African News Agency ANA on Wednesday.

“But as I like doing things differently and in an original way, we decided to tattoo something that nobody had still done yet. the Green Pass certificate was first introduced in Italy in June to facilitate travel in Europe, and allow people to take part in large events like weddings, and to provide access to nursing homes.

It has been a requirement in Italy for anyone wishing to dine indoors or attend a cultural event to present a “Green Pass” certificate upon entry showing they have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from Covid-19, according to reports.

Italy was one of the countries hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with around 4.5 million cases and 120 000 deaths

Source: IOL

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