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Calls to ramp up COVID-19 vaccine rollout

COVID-19 vaccine shots

Government has a target of vaccinating 40-million people by the end of the year. But, vaccinologist, Shabir Madhi, says this is way too optimistic. He says the rollout needs to be ramped up.

Unfortunately when it comes to communication of the importance of vaccination is something that should have probably been started last year this time rather than right now and what we are dealing with is a huge amount of hesitancy,” he said.

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that over 14-million vaccine doses have been administered.

Source: eNCA

In other news – President Ramaphosa urges South Africans to vaccinate so the country can return to normality

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday night the Covid-19 vaccines were the most potent weapon to fight the pandemic. Speaking during the “family meeting”, Ramaphosa said if many people were not vaccinated they remain vulnerable to infection and the chance of new and more dangerous variants emerging becomes greater.

President Cyril RamaphosaThat is why vaccines are currently the most potent weapon we have to fight this pandemic,” he said. Learn more