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North West mom welcomes healthy set of quadruplets

healthy set of quadruplets

A set of quadruplets were born at the Joe Morolong Memorial Hospital (JMM) in Vryburg, the North West department of health said.

The quads were born on Saturday to Lettie Sewedi, three are boys and a girl. North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha praised the medical team and the mother for the delivery of the quadruplets in the Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District

“Well done to our doctors and nurses for a successful operation that delivered the babies. More importantly congratulations to the mother who gave birth to these quadruplets. We know that Ms Lettie Sewedi had been booked to attend the ante-natal care at Coleridge clinic and was later referred to JMM Hospital where a successful operation was undertaken by our well experienced medical team,” Sambatha said.

According to the department, the boys were being fed whilst the girl is receiving close monitoring on ventilation in the intensive care unit, this is after the doctors discovered that she has apneic attacks and was given blood transfusion
The 39-year-old now mother of nine children, is ecstatic to have received the generous and professional service from JMM, she further indicates that, she cannot wait to go home and enjoy life with her new bundles of joy,” the department said.

According to experts, quadruplets are formed when a single fertilised egg splits into four different embryos (these are known as monozygotic quadruplets) and they are genetically identical quadruplets. Four eggs are then released and are each fertilised by a different sperm.

Source: News365

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