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Nadia Nakai speaks on having kids

nadia nakai

Nadia Nakai says she is conflicted about the decision to have kids. The rapper who anticipatedly wanted to have kids with her late lover, Kiernan AKA Forbes says she would love to have her family, but she is currently not
During a recent interview, Taylor Bickham of The Shade Room asked if she wanted kids.

nadia nakai

“I do, but I just don’t see how. I would love to have kids. I would love to have my own family set up. I’m alone a lot of the time. When I’m at home, I’m by myself. I live alone, it’s just me and my dog. And, if I am not working, I am at home. So, it’s, like, I would love to come home to, like, a situation. You know? But I don’t see that happening.” Nadia Nakai said.

nadia nakai

So, I don’t see myself trying again. I don’t see it happening. But, I don’t want to close the doors because I’d like to be open because maybe God still has a plan for me, I’m hoping. But, I think God knows my heart because I have these battles where [I’m like], ‘I don’t want it!’ Then, I’m like, ‘God, please. I don’t want to be alone.’ But, like, also, ‘No, screw this.” Then, ‘God, please, I just want to be able to have kids.’ You know, there’s kind of that battle,” Bragga added.

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