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Where is self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi now?

Sandile Shezi

Over the years, self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi has made headlines, from spending sprees to fraud allegations. In the backdrop of his alleged fraud allegations, he went awol, leaving many trying to connect the dots about his whereabouts. Undoubtedly, he hogged headlines at 23 when he allegedly became a self-proclaimed millionaire, with a considerable chunk of his net worth coming from his Forex Trading business.

Sandile Shezi

Despite having his fair share of fame at age 23, his net worth has often thrust him into top trends, with many questioning it. Rumour mill had it that he had his shot to fame when he reportedly partnered with longtime mentor George Van der Rieit on a joint venture which gave birth to Global Forex Institute.

Sandile Shezi

However, the institute has been embroiled in several alleged fraud charges that have even seen Sandile Shezi being nabbed over the years doubt in the backdrop of these fraud charges, he has since gone awol, leaving many to guess about his whereabouts. Since 2022, he has been allegedly involved in several fraud allegations, which include R756 00 fraud cases reported to the Sandton Police Station.

The fraud cases dated back to 2021, with two victims claiming to have lost R600 000 and R156 000 in a forex trading investment deal with Sandile. Earlier this year, it was reported that he fled to the Middle East after a warrant of arrest was issued against him. However, in the backdrop of the news, he made it known that he was not on the run.

Sandile Shezi

He even revealed that he was busy with his political ambitions. Sandile Shezi confirmed his desire to run for president of South Africa in the forthcoming elections. The controversial forex trader reportedly launched his party – Vukani Ma-Africa – on 24 May 2023 before kickstarting his campaign across all nine provinces.

Source: News365