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Steve Harvey no longer upset with daughter’s ex Michael B Jordan


Steve Harvey bid goodbye to all the hard feelings for Michael B Jordan who happens to be her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

The Black Panther star bumped into Steve at the NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023 on Thursday and rushed in to get a hug. The duo stayed close for several seconds and exchanged a few words before letting go. The reunion comes after Michael parted ways from Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey in 2022 after dating her for two years.

A source told People at the time, “Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term.

The insider said that he “let his guard down” as he was emotionally involved in a romantic relationship for the first time, “They had great times together and brought out the best in each other. Moreover, the tipster shared that the couple was “completely heartbroken” and “still loved each other.”

Later, Steve also confirmed his daughter’s breakup during a morning radio show as he said, “as long as everyone can walk away in peace, be friends … I ain’t heard nobody say they busted no windows or nothing.”

Siding with his daughter, the American host added that he is “Team Lori” and concluded, “She’s my daughter. I love her. I support her.

Source: people

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