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Adobe puts generative AI at center of creativity, launches new AI tools


Adobe announced several new generative AI enhancements across its core product lines on Tuesday, as Big Tech races to make the most of the buzzy artificial intelligence capable of creating its content, such as text or images. The software giant launched three new artificial intelligence models as part of Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI imaging tool, as well as added features to Illustrator and Adobe Express, and improved Photoshop’s text-to-image capabilities.

This announcement comes at the start of Adobe’s annual MAX event in Los Angeles and follows other major tech giants like Google and Microsoft, as companies rush to integrate generative AI into their mainline products.

“We know that generative technology is not an end but an ingredient in your creative process. It’s an onramp,” Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said during the keynote address. “We’re focusing on making sure that we integrate it directly into your workflows to fuel your creativity and deliver the power and precision that you expect from us.

In a two-hour-long keynote, held in the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, Adobe debuted several AI models, including Firefly Image 2 — the latest version of the original Firefly AI image generator that powers features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill. The new model is designed to offer higher-resolution images, with the ability to show details like foliage, skin texture, hair, hands, and facial features when rendering photorealistic humans. Adobe says Firefly Image 2 is available to try today via the web-based Firefly beta and is “coming soon” to Creative Cloud apps.

It also announced two new Firefly models for generating vector images and design templates. Adobe claims its new Firefly Vector Model is the first generative AI for creating vector graphics via text prompts and envisions it being used for marketing and ad graphic creation, ideation, and mood boards.
Adobe entered the AI race earlier this year by introducing a new family of generative AI tools called Firefly that creates images, text effects, audio, vectors, and 3D for users. Adobe’s Firefly is one of many generative artificial intelligence image tools, along with Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. The company says people have generated more than 3 billion images through Adobe Firefly since it was announced earlier this year.
The company behind Photoshop is taking a measured approach to rolling out AI features across its popular products and is engaging actively with the creative community through beta releases, hoping to get feedback to make future versions better. Firefly is based on the content found within Adobe’s Stock library, publicly licensed content, and public domain content for which the license has lapsed
We’re committed to delivering the highest quality models in a thoughtful and responsible way, with transparency around the data on which they are trained and designed to be commercially safe,” Narayen added.

Adobe Express, the web-based design tool, is also getting AI in the form of the Firefly Design model, which allows you to generate templates with a new Text-to-template feature. Adobe Lightroom, an editing tool used by millions of pro photographers, is getting a new Lens Blur tool that will simulate the look of a high-priced, low F-stop lens. It also showcased GenStudio, a new solution aimed at helping large companies scale on-brand content creation. It integrates Creative Cloud, Firefly, Express, Frame.io, Analytics, AEM Assets, and the company’s Workfront project manager.

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