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Fun facts you need to know about the viral fitness trainer, Nkululeko Dlamini

Nkululeko Dlamini

Nkululeko Dlamini, affectionately known as Nyawolomshini, has gained fame in South Africa as an aerobics instructor with enviable glutes. However, what many people don’t know is that he is a qualified schoolteacher with a degree in Education from the University of Free State.

“Teaching is in my blood,” he says.

Teaching runs in Nkululeko’s family, with his mother and sister also being educators. Despite his qualifications, his journey into fitness instruction was driven by his passion rather than a struggle to find a teaching job.

After completing his degree, Nkululeko pursued his love for soccer and joined Jomo Cosmos in Johannesburg. However, he became frustrated with the back-and-forth nature of playing for teams in South Africa and Swaziland. He realized his true calling was to coach and improve the fitness of soccer players, addressing areas such as quad and calf training that he felt were lacking.

Nkululeko Dlamini

“I am from Ladysmith and after I graduated, I told my mom that I had a passion for soccer, and I wanted to try it out professionally and she agreed.

“I then left KZN for Joburg to go play for Jomo Cosmos.”

He says the club owner, Jomo Sono, was meant to collect him at Calton Centre.

“I waited from 4pm until midnight when he eventually arrived I then played for the team during the 2009/10 season. Then I was on loan to teams in Swaziland. I did a lot of back and forth between SA and Swaziland.

Nkululeko Dlamini

“I was doing great there, and I got tired of the back and forth. Also, my other issue was that I was doing great and scoring goals but no-one really saw what I was doing because there isn’t much media information leaving Swaziland.”

He then returned to South Africa.

In the absence of a team to train, Nkululeko decided to focus on the general public. He began teaching fitness classes, emphasizing proper technique to protect participants’ knees and backs. His signature move, the squat, plays a significant role in developing his renowned glutes. While he doesn’t keep count of the number of squats he does each day, he dedicates one hour of exercise, five days a week.


When traveling, Nkululeko is accompanied by a group of 22 individuals who assist him in teaching large aerobics classes. He is grateful that his work has gained exposure on social media, reaching a wider audience and allowing his expertise to be showcased nationwide.

Despite his rising popularity, Nkululeko remains aware of the criticism and mockery he receives on social media. Nevertheless, he believes in God’s timing and sees this as an opportunity for his work to have a broader impact.

Source: News365.co.za

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