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Gogo Maweni shows off her big snakes


Reality TV star and self-proclaimed sangoma Gogo Maweni – real name Makgotso Lee-Anne Makopo had her social media followers worried for her visitors after hearing her plans to Netflix and chill at her home with her snakes as seen in a TikTok video posted on Friday, 13 October. Gogo Maweni has taken her love for her slithering babies to a whole new level. The Izangoma Zodumo reality TV star spent her Friday evening cosying up to her snakes at her stunning home.

Gogo Maweni

In a video posted on TikTok, the popular sangoma showed off her five snakes slithering on her couch as she announced that they were about to watch some TV. She could be heard saying, “Hello babies. We are going to watch TV… Netflix and chill.

Gogo Maweni has been dubbed the “Snake Lady” IOL reported — this comes after opening up about her passion for the reptiles. She does, however, have several other animals including two owls, a tortoise, a couple of dogs, and some rabbits.

FUN FACT: Soon after Netflix was launched, the term “Netflix and chill” really did mean “chilling out and watching Netflix”. However, the term, ‘Netflix and Chill‘ has become a slang euphemism used when referring to a romantic or sexual activity.

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