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Matt Damon names one movie genre he hates

Matt Damon

Superhero movies are a new cinema, some would suggest. But, for Matt Damon, it’s an anathema. Expressing his disapproval of the comic superhero cinema, The Martian star believed it was costing the cinema in the long run.

“Studios are always looking to make new superhero movies because they are so profitable and can almost always guarantee an audience,” he told The Sunday Times. The Interstellar actor continued, “It made the most profitable movie, one that could travel around the world.”

Adding, “And if you want a movie to travel and play big, you want the least amount of cultural confusion. So there is the rise of the superhero movie, right?”

The actor noted, “They’re easy for everyone. You know who the good person is and who the bad person is. They fight three times, and the good person wins twice.”

Concluding this kind of genre added nothing meaningful to the cinema, he said, “This narrative is indeed easy to follow, but it does not necessarily make the story a good one nor one that’s culturally and socially important.

Source: People

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