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Shania Twain recalls singing in bars at eight years old

Shania Twain

Shania Twain, an acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter, expressed her candid thoughts on how early challenges shaped her journey, blending her passion for music with difficult circumstances. Shania lamented the pressure she felt as a kid to support her family and the difficult childhood that left her broken.

Shania started her music career as a kid, singing in bars and earning money to support her parents and her four younger siblings.

According to Fox News, the singer appeared in an interview with Drew Barrymore at The Drew Barrymore Show and recalled being in nightclubs when she was only eight years old, where drunk adults fell all over her and made her feel uncomfortable. Shania stated, “I loved what I was doing, I mean, I loved music, so I was torn.”

The songstress added that her resilience made her go through these unnatural experiences, adding, “Children are prisoners of adult environment, and that’s how I felt.”

The pop music icon referred to her siblings as kids, stating that she was a terrible mother to them because she herself was a 10-year-old child.

Shania’s story is full of resilience as her parents died in a car accident when was only 22, and she had to take full legal responsibility for her siblings. However, she appeared to be proud of achieving the status of a well-known singer despite having such a hard life.

Source: People

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