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Deli Malinga reportedly not leaving ‘Umkhokha: The Curse’


Ex-Generations actress Deli Malinga who currently plays the role of Mamzobe in Umkhokha: The Curse is staying with the telenovela.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has announced that Umkhokha: The Curse actress Deli Malinga is not leaving the show.

This comes after isiZulu publication Isolezwe reported that Uzalo actress Baby Cele might replace fan-favourite actress Deli Malinga as Mamzobe in the telenovela.

Deli Malinga

A source revealed from the production revealed that Malinga was reportedly not happy with the treatment and resigned from the Mzansi Magic faith-based telenovela a few days ago.

Rumours of award-winning actress Deli Malinga leaving the show began a few days ago when isiZulu publication iLanga News reported on Thursday, 28 September that the actress might be leaving the show.

Deli Malinga

The SAFTA winning actress Deli Malinga recently revealed to Sunday World that there are other roles in the pipeline which she couldn’t mention yet.

“I am shooting a few scenes in a fun drama, but they are nothing like MaMzobe,” she tells the publication.

Here are some of the reactions from the viewers:

@Miz_Ruraltarain: “We can’t accept any other Mamzobe if not her…. I was bored with that announcement of Uzalo Gabisile replacing her.”

@Zie81640780: “Thank goodness! Nothing against Baby Cele kodwa I can’t imagine her as Zobisto. Mam’Deli is killing that part.”

@Miz_Ruraltarain: “We can’t accept any other Ma Mzobe if not her….I was bored with that announcement of Uzalo Gabisile replacing her.”

@Iebzzzza: “Re-casts flop because people are used to the original performer. Good for Umkhokha they won’t make the mistake of Imbewu. That show died a painful death after the many recasts of principal casts. To hell with “characters are not dependent on actors” thing.”

@kenonam1: “Mam Deli is stuck with us shem whether we are pro or against goqa nation she must just sit down and give us iZobelicious.”

Source: News365.co.za

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