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Faith Nketsi clears the air regarding her tiny waist

Faith Nketsi

Popular Mzansi reality TV star, rapper, and influencer, Faith Nketsi is no stranger to the spotlight in the world of social media. With a large following on Instagram, she’s known for her glamorous photos, fashion sense, and, of course, her captivating life story.

Faith Nketsi

However, recently, netizens have been buzzing with accusations that Faith may be editing her photos to make her waist appear smaller than it is. The reality star decided to address these rumours head-on, taking to her Instagram stories with a measuring tape in hand to prove the sceptics wrong.

Faith Nketsi made headlines on 15 September 2023 when she introduced her adorable daughter, Sky, to the world. The accidental reveal through a story post led to an outpouring of love from her fans. Faith expressed her love for her “little princess,” who is her pride and joy.

Faith Nketsi

In July, Faith had even hinted at sharing her daughter with her followers, tired of strangers sneakily taking pictures of Sky. This openness was a departure from her earlier decision to keep her pregnancy journey private, as seen after the final episode of her reality show aired in October 2022.

Faith’s mother, Mama Linky, explained the choice to keep the pregnancy secret, citing cultural and traditional beliefs that pregnancy should be kept private. Despite the challenges, Faith embarked on motherhood with grace and happiness.

Back to the intriguing waistline story. Faith, who is known for her stunning figure, took it upon herself to prove the sceptics wrong. In a light-hearted yet determined manner, she measured the circumference of her waist, dispelling any doubts about its size. It turns out, that her small waist is indeed real.

Faith Nketsi continues to capture our attention, not only with her undeniable beauty and charming family life but also with her ability to stand her ground against social media rumours. So, let’s all appreciate the reality TV star for embracing her authenticity and celebrating her uniqueness, small waist and all.

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