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Dr Malinga drops Boko Haram song to fight xenophobia


In light of all the xenophobic attacks taking place over the past two weeks, Dr Malinga thought it was time to drop a new song, called Boko Haram. Dr Malinga released the song, which centres on the current wave of xenophobia and the well-known Muslim extremist group Boko Haram, on Sunday. It comes after looters started ransacking foreign-owned shops in Gauteng last week. The song features artists DJ RT EX, Bospianii, Thabla Soul and Thabo Spirit.

Boko Haram song to fight xenophobia

It starts with Malinga using the voice of the late Nelson Mandela, which is played over amapiano beats and melodies. Hello Africans, my name is Dr Malinga. I would like to plead to you and say, when you hate another African, it’s like you’re hating your brother and sister. Entlek, you are hating yourself,” he says in the first lines of the song.

In an effort to reduce xenophobia in the country, Malinga goes on to say that Africa is for everyone who lives in it. You need to love each other and unite,” he adds, before urging listeners to dance.

Listen to the song


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