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Cassper Nyovest asks American rapper will.i.am what happens now after DJ Lag & Megan Ryte song drama

Cassper Nyovest

Local rapper Cassper Nyovest joined legions of South Africans in sharing his displeasure about will.I.am’s apology to DJ Lag about the Megan Ryte song “Culture”.

In case you missed it, Megan has been on the receiving end of a widespread backlash for her song “Culture”. It’s understood the song has been plagiarized from DJ Lag’s 2016 hit “Ice Drop”.

Following this, will.I.am issued an apology. But SA tweeps weren’t happy with it.

He said: “I’m here to clear up the situation between the song ”Culture“ and ’Drop Ice’ by DJ Lag. First I want to take the time to apologize to Megan Ryte from the bottom of my heart. Megan, I am truly sorry for putting you in this situation”.

The musician said he needed everyone to know Megan did not deserve the hate thrown at her.

“Megan didn’t do anything wrong. The person who is at fault is myself. When the song was turned in, I turned in the credit information to Megan and I obviously got the credit information wrong.”

The “Friday Night” hitmaker weighed in on the matter, echoing many fellow South Africans’ sentiments regarding fixing the song credits and compensating DJ Lag for the use of his beat.

Cassper said: “What about the Coins and the credit on the song? How about a young Black Eyed Peas record produced by Dj Lag? What happens now king ?”

Speaking to a local publication, DJ Lag’s manager Sevi Spanoudi said no requests were made to sample the song, permission wasn’t giving and “Lag was not aware of the usage”.

He said DJ Lag, who produced the hit “Trip to New York”, felt the apology wasn’t directed at him, therefore he could not comment.

Megan has since deleted all her social media posts featuring the song. The YouTube music video, which had 2.5 million views and over 18 000 dislikes, has also been removed.


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