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Zodwa Wabantu has a snake of Powers

Zodwa Wabantu Snake

Most of us love Zodwa Wabantu for telling the truth and being honest for who she really is right? Well, I think this time she might have taken it a bit too far. I am not sure if she is still sane ever since she lost her ben 10 fiance Ntobeko Linda. Zodwa Wabantu forgot herself and revealed her darkest secrets to us.

Zodwa Wabantu

How many people can actually freely play with a snake, dress up as that particular snake and invite it to their house? Were you able to think of any? I doubt, I also tried counting but the one I could find is my uncle who faints at the glance of it.
Well, the infamous dancer captioned a video of herself playing with her mamlambo as thwala nawe meaning that one should also be a ritualist watch the video below:

In the video above Zodwa Wabantu can be heard saying she is tired of people asking her why people love so much. “I am a ritualist, you can also do the same. This is my mamlabo (my snake) please don’t fight with me. You can also get yourself a snake so people can love you too.” She added.

Hayibo, so she is not even scared of revealing her deep dark secrets? Zodwa is staying with a snake in her house? It comes as no surprise as to why she quickly rose to fame I mean despite being naked what else does she do?

The aspect of using a snake to attract fans to love you yet revealing to the fans how they got attracted to you is most confusing. What do you think about this? Drop a comment below.

Source – Zambia News365

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