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SA low-cost carrier FlySafair has launched its business-class service


SA low-cost carrier FlySafair has launched its business-class service but the seats are the same.

The next time travellers book their flights, they will have the option to book business class on all domestic routes via the airline’s website.
Chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon said FlySafair wanted to offer its corporate passengers great benefits at an affordable price.

“Our aim is to make the transition from one boardroom to the next as seamless and comfortable as possible,” he said.

What can passengers expect when they book a business-class ticket?
Gordon said the business-class refresh offered passengers some of the value-added services included under the premium, among them two checked bags at 23kg each, priority boarding and preselected seating.

“New features now include a blocked middle seat for comfort and privacy, food allowance for when eating on-board is permitted again, and priority baggage claim on arrival.

“For those looking to make the most of their flight and squeeze in a few tasks en route, privacy is a necessity. By blocking the middle seat, our business class passengers can have a little more privacy to work in comfort before they arrive at their destination
Business-class travellers will also receive priority baggage claims, meaning their bags will be unloaded first at the carousel.

“Local travel in South Africa, whether it’s business or leisure, is still not where it used to be before the pandemic but, despite this, we’ve continued to operate, adapt and innovate as an airline.

“Since the start of lockdown in March last year, FlySafair has added more seating capacity, launched an app and packaged holiday offering, and introduced a new domestic route with plans to move into regional flights,” he said.

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