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ANC acknowledges Mbeki’s concerns regarding renewal progress: Mbalula

Thabo Mbeki

ANC’s Secretary General, Fikile Mbalula says they have noted Former President, Thabo Mbeki’s comments regarding the ANC’s renewal progress. The former president accused the governing ANC of paying lip service when it comes to the renewal of the party despite resolving to do so at its 2017 conference.

The 2022 conference reaffirmed the 2017 conference resolution. Despite this, Mbeki says, nothing has happened to renew the party. He was addressing mourners at the memorial service of the late anti-apartheid activist, Aziz Pahad at the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park earlier this week. Mbalula was speaking at the party’s NEC meeting in Boksburg.

“President Mbeki is a veteran of the ANC, he’s a stalwart, he’s decorated. When you see him, you see ANC itself. So, the issues that he raises about renewal, we are attending to them. We are almost one year from the conference. I’ve met with him several times and we have agreed on this. So, we have adopted a committee of renewal, we are no longer at a conceptual level about renewal. Mbalula says the party takes Mbeki’s remarks as an honest concern from their elder.

Source: News365

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