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DJ Zinhle opens up about her biggest challenges since entering the entertainment industry

DJ Zinhle

As the highly anticipated Season 3 of The Unexpected gears up for its next exciting episode, fans are in for a treat. The cast members, DJ Zinhle Jiyane, Lynne “Glammy Forbes, Moozlie, Brendon, Gugu, Kholiwe, Thabs and Zenzele are back, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives and candid moments that are sure to keep viewers hooked from start to finish. They cover everything from their latest home projects, what they’ve got lined up for the season, and even potential love interests, making this season an absolute must-watch.

The cast also takes a stab at the game of “Who’s Who?” where they spill the beans on, who among them is the biggest diva. When asked how it feels to be shooting Season 3, DJ Zinhle shared her thoughts, “It has been easier than I thought it would be,” she says. “I sometimes tend to overthink things and expect the worst, but shooting this season turned out to be way easier.” Her candid response reflects the authenticity that fans love about DJ Zinhle.

When asked about what the secret is to remaining consistent in the industry for as long as she has, she confidently replies, “It’s through hard work and relationships and being reliable. People like to work with someone they can depend on.” Her dedication and work ethic have undoubtedly played a significant role in her success

.Challenges are part and parcel of any journey, and Zinhle opens up about her biggest challenges since entering the entertainment industry. She reveals, “Having to juggle between my work and my kids has been the biggest challenge.” It’s a relatable struggle faced by many working parents, and her honesty resonates with viewers. Zinhle doesn’t stop there; she also touches on the relationship between her two daughters, Kairo and Asante, saying, “It’s a developing one, but a normal sibling relationship.” Fans can look forward to more heartfelt moments and insights into her family life this season.

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